The Egg




Help the fairies return the magic egg to the castle


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The Egg, your job is to help friendly fairies get a magic egg back to the castle where they live. A seemingly easy task, but the castle is at the top of the tallest tree in the kingdom where an active volcano is in imminent eruption.

Don't let this childish premise fool you, The Egg offers intense gameplay to get even experienced players breaking a sweat. Skill and resourcefulness go hand in hand in the more than 50 levels that you have to overcome in order to save your precious egg. Jump from nest to nest in your journey to the top of the tree, choosing just the right moment to move. Keep in mind how each nest moves, its speed, and the distance between them.

With incredible graphics, an well-adapted soundtrack for its fantasy settings, and gameplay that's as fun as it is challenging; The Egg is the perfect Android game for whenever you want to kill some time.
By Álvaro Toledo